How to Re-Invent Gloomy Bathroom Designs

How to Re-Invent Gloomy Bathroom Designs

Every morning, we start with a trip to the toilet and finish our day there. We spend a lot of time in this small space, regardless of whether we realize it. Bathrooms can be a problem for those living in smaller apartments. They are often dark and boring, with dull designs. There are many ways to transform these uninspiring designs, including installing bathroom wall panels.

Your bathroom’s curb appeal and functionality can be affected by the color you choose, the quality of materials used, and how it is laid out. Bathrooms that are dark can pose a danger to elderly and children living in your home.
These clever ideas will transform your bathroom, whether you hire a professional team or do it yourself.

How to make your bathroom look brighter

Bright Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom wall panels can be a great option if you are looking for a bathroom that combines high-end design with functionality and brightness. These panels are easy to install and have seamless appearances. Wall panels are a popular choice for modern bathrooms. They are waterproof, easy-to-clean, and do not require grout. There is no grout so you don’t need to worry about mold growth. You don’t need to strip too much. You can install them over existing wall tiles. There are many options for wall panels. However, neutral colors can brighten up a space.

Create a clutter-free environment

A dark, cluttered bathroom looks dull when compared to one that is well-lit and filled with natural lighting. It is important to make sure that the bathroom is clean and tidy. You can make your bathroom more spacious by installing floating shelves, glass shelves and other space-saving cabinetry.

Layered lighting

Additional lighting is required because there is not enough natural light in dark bathrooms. Layered lighting schemes that include ambient, task, accent lighting are possible. Ambient illumination should be provided by at least two ceiling-mounted lamps, or pendant lights. To keep shadows from distracting, you can place a mirror light above it or flank the mirror on both sides with bracket lights. Accent lighting can be used to highlight niches and other elements of the bathroom design. For a floating effect, you can place LED strip lights behind a mirror, under a floating vanity or inside shelves to create a floating effect.

Utilize Reflective Surfaces

Mirrored and shimmering metallic surfaces can be used to reflect light and make the bathroom appear larger. Brass or chrome finishes are a good choice for sanitary fixtures, light fixtures, mirror frames, and sconces. To bounce light and increase brightness, you can use gloss-finish wall tiles. This will visually expand the bathroom. Avoid using gloss finish tiles for the flooring as they can make the bathroom slippery.


A large mirror placed above the sink creates the illusion of more space. It also gives instant brightness by reflecting light into the bathroom. You can also mount a full-length mirror to the wall if space is available. Two mirrors should not be facing each other as this could create an infinite effect with multiple reflections in each mirror. It can be difficult on the eyes if you don’t want to get lost in the world optical illusions.

Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

To make your bathroom appear larger, install a frameless or framed glass shower enclosure. It can be made in clear, frosted, or textured glass. Glass shower enclosures allow for light to pass through and add brightness to the shower. To eliminate odors and moisture, ventilate the restrooms using an exhaust fan.

Bring in some plants

Although we all know that plants in bathrooms can be a life-giving decoration element, those who don’t have windows often wonder how to recreate the look. Because they are lightweight and portable, air plants are an excellent choice. You might also try an easy-to-manage shade-loving, hardy plant to see if it will live in your bathroom. If it does, bring it outside to receive some light. A bouquet of fresh flowers can also be added to a toilet without windows.


Bathrooms are one of few places we can get alone time. Therefore, it is important to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Start with the walls when remodeling the space. To fix cracks and blisters, hire Drywall Repair Company El Dorado County California. Then, install neutral-colored bathroom wall tiles or panels. More light, more life!

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