What is the average length of a car accident settlement?

What is the average length of a car accident settlement?

A car accident can cause severe trauma. Most personal injuries that arise from car accidents can be resolved between the parties. Each car accident case is different and therefore the time it takes to settle a claim can vary between a few days up to several months, or even years.

Settlement Without Litigation

You could get your settlement without having to file a lawsuit if there is no doubt about who was at fault for the accident. If there are only minor damages and the insurance company agrees to settle immediately, this is usually what happens. Sometimes, the settlement can be decided after a brief negotiation period. These negotiations are typically short and settlements are often received within days of the accident. If there is no settlement, it can lead to a lawsuit.

Car Accident Lawsuit Process

It could take months or even years to resolve a case if your car accident results in a lawsuit. A car accident lawsuit involves several steps. These include filing a formal grievance, reviewing and sharing evidence, making formal requests and taking depositions.

If the settlement cannot be reached after the discovery phase ends, the case is sent for trial. A jury of peers reviews and decides on the case. The court will issue a decision granting a specific amount of compensation at the end of the trial. If one party disagrees with the court’s decision, they may appeal to delay the settlement.

Time Factors that Impact Your Chance of Receiving A Settlement

Although there is no way to accurately estimate the time involved in a car crash, some factors can affect the duration of a claim.

The severity and duration of injuries: Your claim may be resolved quickly if you are only pursuing minor medical expenses and bills. If the accident results in permanent disability, however, your settlement may take longer.

Insurance provider Your settlement process may be slowed down by the insurance company. They may need to review documents and work with the other side’s insurance company. Insurance companies are known for undermining claims and may try to force you to accept what they offer.

The at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance. Another factor that could affect your settlement time is the fact that they don’t have insurance. You can still get compensation from the at-fault driver, but it is unlikely they will have enough assets to pay your settlement. This could delay your claim.

How can a good car accident attorney help you?

You should hire legal counsel after a car accident because there are many factors that could impact your settlement time and amount. To reduce settlement time and maximize your compensation, a good car accident lawyer will keep everyone informed. Thankfully, the car accident lawyers at Ellis Law have additional information on the usual length of this process on their website here: https://ellisinjurylaw.com/los-angeles-car-accident-lawyers/how-long-do-car-settlements-take/

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