You can light up your event with LED letters & numbers

You can light up your event with LED letters & numbers

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LED is used not only for lighting your home but also to brighten special events and occasions. The LED can also be used for decorative purposes. LED lights are used to illuminate LED signs, letters, numbers, and other objects. You can personalize LED letters to create LED signs. To make LED signs, the letters can be connected together and illuminated.

Easy to use LED numbers and alphabets, they can also be used to create LED signs. To create words and phrases, you need to connect them. You can also customize them to suit your needs by ordering specific numbers or letters.

A standard 13 Amp socket is required to light up LED signs. This is for basic sizes. For events, personalized LED signs that spell out your message are ideal. These letters can also be used to make flashing DJ signs or illuminated carnival signs. You can find a supplier at LED Light-Up Letter Hire Essex

Why are LED Letters & Numbers so Ideal for Events?

Long life expectancy

LED lights last 40 times longer than other light bulbs. An LED light can last between six and twelve year. It all depends on how often you use your LED numbers and letters.

Every year we have special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and the holiday season. Your LED numbers and letters will last as long as possible. You can save money on replacements by using LED lights for a longer life span.

Environmental Friendly

The economy of today is adapting to sustainable energy. This boosts their eco-friendly efforts. Because LED lighting uses less energy, it is more environmentally friendly. Because LED numbers and letters are not made with mercury, they do not require special handling. For office events, such as annual forums, anniversary celebrations, and other festive events, companies can use LED numbers and letters.

Great operation in cold temperatures

In cold climates, traditional lighting is not suitable. People living in cold areas will be happy to learn that LED signs can be used to enhance their events. Low temperatures can cause traditional lighting to dim due to the effect of low voltage. The LED light works better in colder temperatures. This is why LED signs can be used to display outdoor information for parking lots, events and perimeter walls.

Flexible Designing

You can design LED letters and numbers in any size and shape. You can make them as individual signs, or you can have them strung together to create strings that can be hung from walls or roofs. There are many designs to choose from, depending on the event and individual preferences. They can also be used anywhere from an indoor event to a large outdoor event.

Can be lit instantly and can withstand frequent switching

Your LED numbers and letters can be lit instantly. These lights can be used to surprise guests and turn on/off instantly. Traditional lights can’t withstand being switched on and off so often that they become damaged. Your LED signs will not be affected by years of constant switching. They don’t lose their efficiency or life span. Flashing light displays can be made with LED numbers and letters. These are ideal for applications that require sensor technology to turn on and off.

Low Voltage Operation

For flood-prone areas, low voltage lighting is best to avoid electric shock. The lowest possible voltage is used for LED numbers and letters. You are protecting your loved ones and yourself from harm by using LED numbers and lights for events. This is especially important for outdoor events where the elements are present. It is also safer for children who might accidentally trip on or unplug the LED numbers and letters.

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