Bifolding Doors Made In Aluminium And PVCu – The Better One For Your House

Bifolding Doors Made In Aluminium And PVCu – The Better One For Your House

The versatility of use and stylish designs have made Bifolding doors extremely popular in past few years. Apart from merging the outdoors with the indoors, Bifolding doors create more functional space in a house and also increase the access to natural light, which gives an illusion of larger space to even a small room.

Most of the Bifolding doors are either made from aluminum or PVCu material. Each material has its pros and based on your requirement one could be more beneficial than the other.

If you are a UK resident, you must lookout for the Bifold doors sold by The Bifolding Door Factory as their products are made with extremely high-quality materials and are yet sold at very competitive prices making these stylish Bifolding doors affordable for everyone. Their products are available in a variety of designs that can suit all interiors. You can also customize the size of glass panels required as per your specifications.

Which one is the better choice – Aluminium or PVCu

The functionality of a Bifolding door takes precedence over other features and next comes to the aesthetics. Both these materials have their roles to play and we must look at the features of both before deciding, which one is better for our particular requirement.

Aluminum Bifolding doors:

  • These doors are not only more expensive, but also have an increased lifespan (approximately 25-30 years) when compared with PVCu.
  • Also, these doors are energy-efficient, thus reducing your electricity bills.
  • You can customize aluminum doors as they are handmade and the size is made-to-order basis.
  • Again, aluminum remains stable with temperature changes and will not expand or contract.
  • They are recyclable, environment-friendly, and come in a great variety of finishes and aesthetics.

PVCu doors

  • The newer range PVCu doors have woodgrain effects that make them look good aesthetically.
  • Also, these doors are low-maintenance doors.
  • PVCu is perfect for projects involving strict budget control.
  • They provide a good value for money as the cost is low and yet these doors are durable and provide a good level of security.
  • Although not as efficient as aluminum doors, even PVCu doors are energy efficient to a great extent and will help in lowering electricity costs.
  • However, as most PVCu doors are mass-produced to cut costs, customization of sizes is difficult with these doors.
  • Also, warping is an issue that you will find is associated with PVCu doors.

If you want a PVCu door that provides good durability and a high level of security and at the same time does not look cheap, you must look for a Bifolding door from a reputed brand. Brand perception matters when you want a high-quality PVCu door for installing in your house.

While both PVCu and aluminum provide extensive color choices, aluminum takes a lead in terms of aesthetics because of the presence of sightlines. There are many wood-effects PVCu doors available in the market, just make sure they are not cheap looking while buying them. Lastly, let your budget and interiors decide the type of door material suited for your house.

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